Friday, October 12, 2012


last friday, the littles and i took a road trip down to austin to see uncle bubba get married. the hubbs had already flown down there early that morning so it was just me and my precious ones for what was supposed to be a 3.5 hour drive. {it ended up being 4.5} i made sure to stop by my beloved starbucks before heading out and packed a LOT of snacks.

my precious ones at the rehearsal dinner at the driskell. i love lil' miss's boots. she seemed to love them too. one random stranger DID take a picture of her... don't really know how i feel about that... i had lots of comments saying that b. looks exactly like a kot {his daddy's fraternity}. that's exactly what the hubbs said when he saw. he was so. proud.

saturday was super busy, and the boys went out to play football on the pflugerville high school field. don't know what that is? well, i'm sure you know what friday night lights is. it's dillion panther's field. love these two boys.

my muffins practicing going down the aisle. it was COLD. and c. did NOT want to wear her little denim jacket. but... she ended up taking me with her down the aisle when it was time. oh well.

on the way back we stopped in waco to see the bears. lil' miss squealed. and b couldn't believe that they were REAL bears. he kept asking if they were mean.

wednesday i was sick. this one took care of me all. day. long. i am truly surprised she's not sick, but she's a trooper.

thursday i tried to "bless" my muffins by making french toast. one of my favorites and b had been talking about having it for a while. of course after i made it he didn't eat. not. one. bite. i was frustrated. 

and then that afternoon he got sick. 

bad mommy.

here's a peak into my life right now. election season. the hubbs is CRAZY during election season... and especially right now. i did have to tell him to calm down a few times last night, but i was getting very uncomfortable and heated too, so i can't blame him. what did y'all think of the debate?? political views aside, i can't imagine that everyone thought it was respectful. right?? i thought it was actually very childish. but i've got chuck todd recording in the other room so i can't wait to see what he says!!

happy friday to you!

life rearranged

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