Thursday, October 4, 2012

take over.

the time has come that my craft supplies has taken over my house. i have stuff stashed in every last corner of our laundry room, linen closet, toy closet, garage and even the bottom of the pantry. it takes about a year to get it all out and actually use it. a waste, if you'd ask me. 

and since i have some exciting things on the horizon, i politely asked the hubbs if i could take the spare bedroom which is currently the campaign headquarters, and has been ever since we moved in. and the hubbs was more than happy to oblige... actually, there may or may not have been a little negotiating in the move, but i won't go into detail.

so this week i started moving. 

and moving.

and unpacking.

and sewing and crafting in and amongst the chaos. 

sometimes organized chaos {thank you, ikea}. 

and apparently i've become somewhat of the craft supplies hoarder. i hope i don't end up on that show..... i just can't stand to throw anything out that looks like it could be usable someday. anyone with me?? oh - and i have so many glue sticks and packs of tissue paper i can't even count. maybe since they're all in ONE place now i won't buy more than i need???? 

wishful thinking....

and the debate last night? yeah... it was on full blast in our house. the hubbs was NOT happy after the rangers' lost, but the debate took the edge off for sure. i must admit i was a bit surprised at how the debate went - and even more at the reaction afterward. 

it looks like it will be an interesting month.... 


  1. Ok, Becky...where do you get the fabric for your blankets/burp cloths? I've been meaning to ask, but never have time. (Imagine that! Ha!) :) Our young marrieds class at church is going to be making blankets and burp cloths to take to hospitals around Christmas, and I LOVE the fabric you use. (Especially the soft fuzzy side.) I would love to know where to get it! Thanks!!

    1. Hi Katie, I get it from a NUMBER of places, including Joann and Hobby Lobby... is a great place too! I would love to make y'all a set to take if you would like!