Monday, October 8, 2012

weekend recap.

my wonderful brother in law got married this weekend and we finally got to welcome mel into the family officially. we are so excited for both of them, and not at all jealous of their trip to hawaii. not at all. we had a whirlwind of a weekend with a ton of activities in and surrounding austin. their wedding was in pflugerville, tx - home of our very favorite t.v. show friday night lights. {heard of it?} and on saturday morning my mom, c and i headed to a bridal lunch for mel while the hubbs, b. and the boys all headed out to the high school football stadium for a game of football. b. could NOT stop talking about how he played with all the big boys because they are all his best friends. love him. and i have to admit that if coach taylor had been there, i might have had to forego hosting the bridal lunch to go to the football game. 
the wedding was beautiful and the littles did well. although the flower girl was slightly high maintence when it came to walking down the aisle and this momma ended up walking with her. ugh. we danced the night away {that means 9:30 for these littles} and crashed back at the hotel. by the way, if you are ever in need of a hotel in austin, we stayed at the westin domain. it was fantastic. not only was it a beautiful hotel but the customer service was over. the. top. look at how they made up c's nap mat for her.... so sweet. happy monday! we're recovering and doing laundry today. all day.

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