Tuesday, October 2, 2012

instafriday. on tuesday.

yay for joining back onto instafriday. albeit i MIGHT be a little late.

i've been doing a lot of "work" lately.... sewing and crafting and painting. i love doing it. it's an outlet.... but i must confess that i'm hoping that {very} soon it will turn into a tad more.... *eek!* 

there have been SO many new babies around me lately. the above pic is for a sweet little boy that i have yet to meet. he's sorta like family. i meant to stick these in the mail last week but it did NOT happen, so they will be traveling with me this weekend. yay!

had a bad cold last week. but i sewed on...... while john mayer was playing, of course. i love me some john mayer. he's weird, but love his music. love it.

is anyone else sick of all the ugliness? i have a feeling tomorrow night is going to be even uglier than last night's cowboy's loss. did you watch the whole thing? i gave up at the end of the 3rd quarter. but not the hubbs... he's die hard. and now his week is going to be spent talking about what adjustments need to be made. i asked him last night why jason garrett hasn't hired him yet. hehe.

a little treat for my muffins after school.

sweet friends at the mall. i'm pretty sure jake was smitten with b..... and i'm totally sure that b loved all the attention from jake. love jake.... he's such a sweet boy. c & him are going to be boyfriend & girlfriend at baylor some day. sic 'em.

pumpkin cream cheese cinnamon rolls. whoa, are these terrific. i got three pans out of the recipe. and as much as i love PW, these were EVEN better than hers, and for some reason i felt they were easier, even though it's actually the same process....

soaking all of the playtime up with daddy that we can before he "moves" to austin. i can't really talk about this yet because i still get a bit emotional thinking about him leaving, but i feel myself {and my heart} getting stronger with every day that comes by. i think this part just might be the suckiest. {and yes i just used that word.} waiting for him to leave. i canNOT imagine being a military wife. i could NOT do it. those women are my heroes. through and through and through. {sarah & amber... i love you!}

speaking of austin..... we were down there two weeks ago for some interviews and look who i spotted at a starbucks downtown!?! bachelor brad! i actually only recognized him as the bachelor, and i couldn't remember his name {i'm not really an avid watcher} and so i couldn't - in my right mind - go up to him and ask for a picture when i didn't know his name. besides, i heard he's kinda a jerk.....

ahhhh - an airstream. i spotted it right here in plano. this is our retirement plan. but unfortunately this one looks like it's big enough to sleep more than TWO people. you heard me right, i want one that ONLY the hubbs & i can travel in. i love my littles, but i don't need them to be crammed into an RV with me for a cross country trip. no way, jose.

taught myself a new trick last week. the possibilities are endless.....

we rocked it at the plano balloon festival early in the morning last week. awesome time. i love the small town feel that comes with living in plano - even if it's NOT really a "small" town........

j & i headed to the cowboys game on sunday {the one that we won....} and we had the privelage of sitting in a suite c/o the dallas cowboys. it was awesome. it was our first time to the new stadium. we had been to many many games at texas stadium - in fact - we took b when he was a baby because the hubbs thought it was important for him to go to texas stadium - but nothing is like this one. unreal. HKS - you did a great job on this sucker. it's amazing!

back to 'work' for me!

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