Thursday, October 11, 2012


yuck yuck yuck.

this momma had an ugly stomach bug yesterday. not. fun. 

especially when your kiddos are ready & raring to go. 

they definitely stayed in the jammies all day. 

and watched waaaaay too many movies.

and may have been the victim of some bribery on my part.

b's been saving his money for this "huge" captain america. and yesterday i got pretty desperate as i lay in my bed listening to them arguing and squealing and squabbling. i told him that if he took great care of lil' miss then i would go and get him THE captain america. 

wowza. it was as if a lightbulb came on. and he started bring me water and getting c snacks. it was awesome. he was so sweet. and this morning he didn't want to go to school because he thought we'd immediately go get his captain america and he could stay home playing with him all day.

wrong. in fact, i'm grateful for my in laws & preschool today as i am still laying low and recovering. lots of chicken soup & plain and dry white bread. and gatorade. 


i'll see ya tomorrow.

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  1. I had the bug on Monday. Thankfully Matt stayed home to take care of P and then P had MDO on Tuesday so I could rest and recover. No sick days for Mommies. Hope you are feeling better!