Monday, October 29, 2012


hi there.

how was your weekend?

mine was busy. the hubbs was out of town on a fun surprise guys trip to visit one of his high school buddies for his 30th. so much fun.

that left me with two kids a messy house and a truck full of laundry for the weekend after such a chaotic week last week.

saturday morning we had a change of plans & headed to the airport to welcome our friend holly home from spending two whole months in uganda. she brought back two precious little ones to join her family - and make their home a house full of seven. they are a blessing. you can read more of their story here.

saturday afternoon i was blessed to have my sister & brother in law over to help me and give me a bit of a distraction. life at our house has been somewhat hectic and my priorities have slipped in terms of homemaking - which should be my first priority whether or not i stayed at home - but since i DO stay at home it HAS to be my first priority. if i want to be able to clearly focus on anything else, my priorities MUST be in line with His or it will all come unglued. that was starting to happen & she helped me out. thank the Lord for her. {and uncle trent wore b. out with scooter rides & lego playing!}

i was so grateful to get my hubby back yesterday. i normally welcome a bit of time to myself. i generally get a lot accomplished AND get to watch a sappy movie or two while he's out.

this time was different.

this time it settled in - deep in my soul - that this is going to be a way of life for us for a while. it started to wear on me. and i cried.  i prayed that the Lord would prepare me. prepare us for what is to come. to protect our marriage from the world. to allow me to make our home a safe haven from the ugliness that my precious God-fearing husband will be experiencing in just a short time.

i prayed that the Lord would gently remind me that He chose this for us. not the other way around. that although my husband may be away physically, emotionally he will still be very present in our home & in my life. and that i should be grateful not just for a husband but for one that cares, loves, protects & provides for my children & myself. 

the Lord always puts things in perspective doesn't He? i think the waiting is going to be worse than the trial. don't you?

either way - there are exciting things happening this week at our house. i can't wait to share all that i have prepared for the shop on thursday. there will be giveaways galore & i am giddy to say the least.

we have halloween on wednesday? really? i should be prepared but i'm not. i started lil' miss's costume a while ago but am far from finished. it's 'easy' in my mind so i keep putting it off. oh well - things like that have a way of getting done.

and c's birthday is coming up. i need to plan something. hmm.

and election day next week? finally. praying for God's will to be done in all elections. y'all - the presidential election is important. very important. but let me share a little nugget of Truth with you right quick.... the local elections will affect you daily. for reals. if you have any questions on how to figure out who you are voting for let me know and i'll send you some resources.

it's a happy monday, isn't it? jumping right into this week with some hot coffee. keep it coming.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

painting plaid pumpkins {a tutorial}.

a $3 pumpkin pie pumpkin from sprouts + a can of glossy black spray paint.

some stripes painted vertical.

and the same stripes painted horizontal.

a few thin stripes painted around.....

and you end up with a little {imperfect} afternoon 'craft' project. have fun!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


happy wednesday y'all.

wednesday came way faster than i had hoped it would come this week. half the week gone. half the week to go. this saying yes thing has been interesting.

i think b has caught on to what's going on and has asked for extra time on the iPad {he usually just gets it right before bed}... no. he's asked for extra tv time.... no. extra cookies.... no. being a yes mom does not mean they get the run of the house or get to do anything they want. it does mean i will stop whatever i'm doing {as long as it's not taking a shower or trying to get the kids out the door to school} and hold c. in my lap when she asks. or read b. a story. or get out the colors. or sit outside with them, just because they want ME to watch them.

it's been interesting. i realize how much i say 'no' and 'not now' and 'maybe later'. it's a lot, y'all. it's my go-to-response, unfortunately. i've had to make an intentional effort to say yes. a lot more intentional than i'd like to admit unfortuantely! ugh!

how's your week going with it? we've ended up making cookies, being pushed on the swings {my least favorite thing to do - seriously}, having a picnic outside, eating breakfast in front of the tv {let's be honest, that one happens all the time}, having a marching band with pots & pans and doing a lot of cuddling.

it's made me slow down.

but then my mind starts spinning with all that i need to do. and, being vulnerable here, want to do.

we have a lot of new things on the horizon for our family. terribly exciting adventures, but along with that comes a lot of hard work, intentional efforts with each other and time management - something i am NOT good at.

my only solace is that all of these things are things that the Lord has all but commanded us to do. to go forward with. to press on toward. i'm thankful to have experienced His leading so clearly in my life on numerous occasions over the past year. it's been amazing. humbling. challenging. trying.

i pray that in all things we embark on we glorify His name first. and put our family above all other 'things'. that we remember what is eternal and what is not. relationships definitely ARE eternal work. have you all been reading edie's hospitality series? my absolute favorite post so far is this one. she says:

"We march through life using people for gain, trampling on their hearts, or worse yet, ignoring them altogether. We have forgotten that this is life and death. These relationships where we live our lives are holy ground.  And it matters immensely how I tread on this soil."


if you haven't read her series, stop what you're doing {unless you're saying YES to your littles!} and read through it. it's great to refocus our hearts - especially before the holidays - a special season of hospitality!

and a special song of encouragement this morning to send you on your day. this has become my heart's cry. enjoy.