Friday, March 8, 2013

instafriday. {a mega post}.

hello, again. these last two weeks have flown by and have been full to the brim. sickness has come and gone and come and gone in the form of colds, allergies, stomach bugs, sinus infections and the like. ick. here i am, catching up again with instafriday. 

c. had an "accident" in the bathtub a few weeks ago. it's obviously scarred her {and b.} because she talks about it ALL the time. here she's showing me in a book that "there's no poo poo, mommy!" in the bathtub.

started a new book. it's sooooo good. living life slower. and more sustainable. for Him. baking bread, growing veggies, making family time, giving to others, not living in excess. it's changing my heart. more on that soon.

throw edie, i discovered ziplist. it's ah-mazing to plan meals & grocery shop. check out her posts on how it all works, here. her meal planning tips are awesome and help me tremendously! and i don't even have to print out the list, because there's an app for that! ha. {more sustainable, remember?}

all is right with the world when daddy is home. i've seen him every day for the past week. i am blessed & full. i didn't know how much i needed it until it's happened and my heart cannot contain it. i miss him. he is my best friend {and i bet these two would say the same.} i kinda like him, i guess. 

big daddy & daddy took b. to the monster truck jam a few weeks back {see below} & i took c. to target. {good trade, huh?} we had some fun girl time & they had some loud boy time. he LOVED it.

last week we had a guest worship leader, michael neal, at church. and y'all - we had church. we are led by amazing worship leaders every week, but i think the freshness of someone else is always healthy. and this time of corporate worship was oh so good for my soul. check it out. 

reading up on my veggie garden. i don't know what that is going to look like this year, as we will probably move soon{ish}. but dreaming of that some day.

i cannot express to you how thankful i am for my loyal customers. i have been humbled & blessed beyond what i could have ever imagined months ago when the Lord blessed me with this dream. i cannot wait to share with you where the proceeds of little branches will be going. i am absolutely giddy with excitement. thank YOU for supporting us. we will reopen our online shop on march 18th for orders but will not take custom orders again until after the trunk show on april 11. more on that soon! i promise!

waiting for paint to be mixed with these littles. it can get kind of crazy {and LONG} with them there. we decided to play a matching game while we waited - and b. got a huge kick out of it. i'd pick a few colors with his eyes closed and then he'd have to find exactly where they went. i bet martha stewart would love that, right? 

oh- the q & u wedding. mr. q married miss u. it's a big deal in pre-k. they were precious. and b. took it so SERIOUSLY. his teacher said he even asked why he didn't get to kiss the bride afterward. he obviously knows how to do it right!

terrible twos. coffee. enough said.

hazards of my job. i might as well never paint my fingernails. like, never.

hubby was on fox news saturday night. some of you have asked me about his bills. you can check out all of the bills that he's filed, including the sex ed bill {which is near & dear to me as a mom} on his representative page. some of you think that i'm smart & a grown up & all of that because i do all of this "political" stuff. nope. i'm not, but my hubby is! i just get to tag along & most of the time it all goes over my head. some stuff i'm very passionate about and others, well, others i'm glad i'm not the one making the decisions. but i'm telling you - you're in very good hands with this one in office. he's authentic, passionate, bold and courageous. he's fighting the good fight for us. {and please, if you disagree with him, be kind in the comments! i'm not the one in office, remember? and i try not to be too political here, but it is a part of our lives now!}

i was extremely blessed to be able to attend the senate hearing on j's sex ed bill. this is one that i am passionate about. i was so glad this happened while i was down there. lots of good discussion. three moms drove up from south texas to testify for the bill. they're angry moms about what their children are being taught in school without their permission. i'm so proud of my hubby for standing up for this. it's important. 

got to steal my hubby away from all of the business one night for a quiet dinner. thankful for the supportive constituents that encouraged us to leave early & go. the sacrifice was NOT lost on me. 

pick me up. sinus infections are a drag.

music! i got lots of good suggestions yesterday. can't wait to try them all out.

and finally, my dear friend, jen, opened her boutique last night. this is a dream realized for her & i was so proud to be there to support her. check it out this weekend if you're in frisco. it's like anthro but without the price. i promise you won't be disappointed! congrats, jen!

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