Tuesday, March 12, 2013

shop update.

thank you ALL for being so super supportive of our trunk show coming up! you guys are the BEST. i am so thankful that you understand that i have to take a bit of a hiatus from my online shop to prep for this show! i am so excited to share all of the new goodies i have up my sleeve!  

some custom pieces on the way to their new owners. i especially love these. the color combos are my favorite! the blue you are my sunshine piece will be available at the trunk show in 12" x 12" and will be available to order in 24" x 24"!

a sneak peek of the new liberty collection that will make it's debut at the trunk show - just in time for summer!! yay! lots of fun in the sun stuff coming up! is this stuff you'd like to see in the shop too? be sure to follow me on instagram & on facebook for regular sneak peeks as the trunk show gets closer. {more details on that later this week!}

so - many of you have been asking when the shop will reopen. {yay! i'm so glad you still want to order!}

i will start taking orders for the spring collection {below} only starting on monday, the 18th {with the exception of the gold 'you are my sunshine'}. i have a few lingering custom orders that i will work on next week as well but will not take any new custom orders until after april 20! i'm going to change up my policy a bit and am still working out the kinks to give me a bit of room to breathe! i absolutely LOVE being able to make something that is EXACTLY what you've been looking for, but i want it to work for both of us so that you get the very best product possible! it fills my heart when i get sweet emails from you all after receiving something telling me that it's even better than you pictured. thank you so much. from the bottom of my heart. really.

so what will be at the show?? when is the show? where is it? what's it going to be like??

all of those questions will be answered later this week! i promise! oh - and i have a very special annoucement regarding the profits of the show as well, that i cannot wait to share with you. it's something that the Lord has been working on in my life & i hope it will bless you as well. 

thank you all for your support. i am beyond humbled that you all have responded to this labor of love that i have found in little branches. i am so excited to grow further and see where the Lord might take it.  have a blessed day! 

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