Sunday, March 31, 2013


we went to the lake this weekend. to getaway and spend some time with my family. our plan was to head back this morning in time for church & eat lunch with j's family. 

but today didn't quite go as expected. 

i woke the littles up for their egg hunt and my lil' miss was bright red. i thought maybe she had gotten sun burned, although we weren't really in the sun, but when i felt her head she was burning up. her pour little body. so we had at least two down for our easter service at church today.

then as we started driving we hit a horrible thunderstorm. 

like, it was totally legit. and scary. 

the only thing that could have made it worse would have been tornadoes. 

we had to pull over three times to catch our breath and wait for a cell to pass because we literally could not see. hail, cloud-to-ground lighting, wind... you name it, this storm had it. 

so there you go. none of us were going to make it back for church. 


i felt like all day my whole spirit has been in kind of a bummer state. but it's easter.... it shouldn't be that way. i should be reflecting on all that He has done for me. instead, i'm tending to my sick baby & fighting a storm, packing my husband for the week, doing laundry, cleaning my house & working. 


and then i remembered a sweet moment i had in the car this morning. 

as the lighting was flashing in the sky {before the scary rain happened}, i was listening to this song. symphony. 

"let the earth fear the Lord, and let the people of the world stand in awe...."

all creation was made to point to Him. how amazing is that? it was all created for His glory. to be evidence of a loving God. the lightning, the rain, the hail - it's all under His hand. 

it reminded me that we can find Him anywhere at any time. not just in church on sunday morning in our easter finest {although i totally think you should go to corporate worship!} but when it can't happen..... you can find Him in the car with you. He is amazing. His love for us in all-encompassing and wonderful. His sacrifice for us was the ultimate. and i am eternally grateful. 

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