Monday, March 18, 2013

top five: new to me music. {and a winner!}

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today i'm "introducing" you to my new favorite music! i am a huge fan of mumford, john mayer, taylor swift & the civil wars.... so i guess you could say i like a wide range of music. does that make me unsophisticated? hmmm... maybe?

 i love the singer/songwriter stuff {which is why i like taylor swift so much!} and a folksy sound does me in. {have you heard that cute folksy couple on nashville? if you haven't - you should! love them!!}

so i'm always on the hunt for new {to me} music. here's what i've found more recently that sits well with me! i hope you find something new to enjoy too!

 1. the lumineers. i think i was introduced to them last summer by my brother in law. LOVE. i could listen to them all day.

2. jillian edwards. i don't even know how i found this little lady. but her music makes me happy. reminds me of falling in love with my hubby. it makes me want to bop around on a sunny day and daydream all day long. ahhhh.... love. 

3. the head & the heart. i put a notice out on ig a few weeks ago that i was on the hunt for new music & this was one of the suggestions. i have to say that i was put of by the album cover... as in i thought i might have nightmares. BUT, it's GOOOOD. promise. i landed on an older album because their newer stuff sounded a bet more techno-y? i could totally be wrong but that's what it sounded like at first listen & that's not really "my sound".

4. the paper kites. i checked these lovelies out after seeing it posted on beth's ig.  i think we would be friends. i have listened to these short little albums on repeat on my trips to austin. happy music.

5. of monsters & men. i MUST tell you that they're probably gaining in popularity by the day. i had heard a few of their songs before & not even realized it. you need to check them out. really good music. relaxing. good to work to - kind of cathartic, in my opinion!


OH. and i have a giveaway to cash in on, huh??? who's the lucky winner??? NUMBER 17.

eeek! stephanie, it's you!!! email me & let me know if you want me to wait and send it on your new adventure! :) hope this brightens your monday!

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  1. Um, The Lumineers are one of my faves. There are several of their songs that I'll listen to over and over again.

    Muse's 'Madness' is my current favorite song. The last minute or so gives me total goosebumps. I love it!