Friday, March 22, 2013


hey hey! 

it's friday. woot!

this week has been busy. you all have been so kind to me this week. i cannot tell you how blessed i was with emails, texts and comments regarding my trip to africa. it's been a hard thing for me to deal with - only because i know it will change me. i know i will see the world in a different way - i will see the Lord in a different way. and as much as i can't wait and am expecting awesome things, i'm also terrified at the same time. it's hard to explain, right? 

last weekend, in honor of spring break, we got away. much needed. 

to the lake - my favorite of favorite places right now. 

the country. where it is quiet beyond anything you've never heard before. seriously. 

even the car ride, with two littles & a dog in two, was peaceful. they pretty much entertained themselves & i had time to ponder. 

why is it that the Lord's voice seems so much louder when you're away from the "city"?

somewhere in east texas there's this exotic animal farm. they have camels and lamas and zebras and peacocks.... and on and on. saturday we took lil' miss to feed the camels. they're adorable. and so was the sweet baby llama we saw. i need to find a picture of her! she was so cute.

tuesday i had an extra special friend with me while my littles were at school. i love her. she had an ear infection & wasn't able to go to school with her momma, but she hung out with me for just a bit. she's funny. we had a great time dancing to taylor swift in the car. {jules - she knows the words!!}

we celebrated my momma's birthday at hopdoddy this week. it lived up to all the hype for sure. 

five out of the nine of us had on toms. including my brother and lil' miss. we love our toms.

monday i had my first ever parent/teacher conference. it was really just an assessment that they do in pre-k to decide if they're ready for kindergarten. although i knew that b. was ready i was still nervous as to what ms. marcy would tell me. i literally had to hold my tears back during the conference. i have such a smart & tenderhearted little boy. it overwhelms me when i think of how j & i are responsible for cultivating his strengths for His glory. i don't want to stifle him but i always think being a stricter parent pays off. always.

thank you, from the deepest part of me, for your sweet response. i was incredibly blessed.

wednesday i caught c. pouring over my old project life albums. it pierced my heart that she doesn't have any from recent years - with pictures that she remembers - to look at. so, i wrangled up all of my stuff and set my timer for 30 minutes. i got two weeks done. in THAT time. it didn't take long to get my groove back. i'll be sharing soon.

and i'll end the post with this sweetness. i could just eat her up. 

have a happy weekend.

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