Sunday, March 24, 2013

project life. 2013 - week 2.

here i go - playing catch up!!

won't you play with me? i'm setting my timer for 30 minutes - just THIRTY minutes every day {namely at NAP time!} to get caught up. i started on thursday & i'm already halfway through february! you can do it too!

so - week 2 was kind of a big week for us. that's why there are loads of pictures & inserts.

 a look at the whole spread.
washi tape is new for me this year. i just ordered up a whole bunch from this site. i use it in packaging as well, so it's kind of "multipurpose", right?

i love the baseball card inserts. i did this for my sister's wedding & for valentine's day cards. it's awesome if you have just a ton of pics to get into one week. i got mine at target. they're in a weird section up front, but they're there!

first & last time. front page of the dmn. pretty cool to keep for my littles when they get older. i'm so grateful to that photographer. so grateful.

first thing's first. if you have no idea what project life is, WHO ARE YOU? i'm just kidding. if you seriously don't... it is a product created by becky higgins to make documenting your life EASY. and i mean EASY.... and creative and fun! i promise. she and her brilliant design team are already getting ready for next year - and i believe that her products will be posted sometime this fall {hooray!} and highly recommend her kits! they're going to be sold in stores SOON - also on HSN. they have digital versions and all sorts of crazy good stuff. so what's stopping you! get some pics developed and let's catch up together!!!!

have fun!

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