Monday, March 25, 2013

top five: project life inspiration!

hello friends!

i hope you checked out my project life update yesterday!! i am so excited to get back into this wonderful project & it has spurred me on in so many ways. 

it didn't take long to get my groove back - and it won't take you long either! so pick it up - now! let's catch up together.

as i was trying to gain motivation to catch up {it seems super daunting at times!} - i looked to other project lifers for inspiration. today i'm going to share with you my five favorite places to get some project life inspiration.

1. becky higgins. the mothership of project life.

her & her creative team share their versions of project life once a month. when i saw this post i was immediately ready to get back together with project life. 

2. ali edwards. this wonderful lady is why i even knew about project life in the first place. is awesome about posting once a week & is GREAT about journaling and keeping snipits from her week. she's all about making it work for you which i love.

3. elise. i've been reading her blog for a long time now and just in the last year she became a part of project life. and now a part of their creative team. she's a big paper crafter & i know you'll be inspired by all of her project. i love her version of project life because she doesn't have littles {yet} and she still documents her & her hubby. i LOVE that. so inspiring. plus: she's adorable too. 

4. kelly purkey from it's me, kp. she's doing a mini-kit. she mixes in non project life stuff {which i actually think everyone does} and i'm SO jealous. i want to do a mini-kit. next time. i think these would be great for vacays. 

5. rebecca cooper from as simple as that. this is a recent find of mine, but she's on the PL creative team as well. look at this darling instagram collage templates she made. yay! this is so cute & i just might have to buy these for myself. i can't wait to stick these into my next week. IG is going to be blowing up with my new pics!

and there you have it! i think i gave you plenty of pretties to look at this morning!

i SO hope that you will all try to catch up along with me. i am trying to gain momentum and stay on top of this inspiration to get all the way caught up. it's so much easier when you're current. 

have a happy monday!!!

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