Monday, January 2, 2012

christmas at the lake.

this is the last christmas post. i PROMISE.

the day after christmas we were at the lake. and we stayed in our jammies all. day. long.
it was rainy, cold and dreary. perfect for sitting by the fire, watching some football and snacking.

 we got my dad some waders for the lake.
he loved them.
he kayaks a lot and the hubbs thought they would be perfect for him to fish in, kayak in and stand in the water where the nutria are. {yuck!}

my sister & trent got b. a 'trip to the zoo'. he was so excited he kept asking if they were taking him "tomorrow". even when we got home he asked when we were going. k & t - we need to redeem this soon! :)

lil' miss got a tea set. that not only did she love playing with - but her big brother did too. all day long we had tea parties. 

the hubbs & his new chuck taylors. a little out of the box for him... but super cute!

the last present of the day came out after the rest were done. good thing too. because i teared up. 
my dad, a cpa by day, has a knack for drawing. and he has drawn both of the duplexes that we lived in when we first got married... had them framed and gave them to us as gifts. so special. 

and this christmas was no different... this is our old house. and although i truly don't miss it, it's still special. the first house we owned. where we brought lil' miss home. where i started to really cook. where we hosted parties. it will always hold a special place in our heart - just as the other houses. so i'm so glad we get to add this to our wall. thank you, dad.

whew.... christmas was days long for us. in a very good way.

happy new year, again. we have loads of fun things happening at this house. 

finishing up project life. organizing my pantry {before & after pics to come!}. finishing up our dining room. glue guns. spray paint. puff paint. sewing machines. 

love it all. can't wait to share!

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