Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PL: week one

so, yes, it's the third week of the new year and i'm just now posting week one of my project life album. but like i had mentioned before, i had to finish my 2011 album so that i could start the new one. 

and it's not completely finished. still have some sewing in and a few holiday pictures to get printed. but i'm at a stopping point.

and both albums are now sitting on our coffee table for all to see.

it fills me with joy when b. looks at them day after day and says, "mommy, 'member this?" he loves our "picture books".

anyway. i digress.

i have the clementine edition of project life. i got the core kit and the cardstock since i tend to back my pictures instead of having my pictures printed as 4 x 6 pics. i can already tell i'm going to need to order another package of the cardstock. and let me tell you that ALL of these designs are super cute. my previous edition, i liked some of the journal cards more than others, but i LOVE all of these. i was so happy to open them all up!

i also got the 6 x 12 page protectors and the big envelope pages. i invision having one big envelope at the back of each of my books for misc things that don't fit directly in my pages. we'll see how it works out though.

and yes - all of my pages are design a {currently sold out}. the reason for this is that i like the uniformity. i like knowing in my head what my layout is as i'm working throughout the week to take pictures and save stuff. i originally tried to work with design b, but i don't take enough up and down pictures - except on my iPhone and i like to crop those down to smaller sizes.

it's just a personal preference for me. it makes it easier to do a layout in my opinion when they're always the same.

i tend to love everything that ali edwards does - especially for project life. so, needless to say, i bought some of those avery self adhesive tabs at wal mart and added that. i feel like it makes it look more 'complete'. 

have you started project life yet?

if you have no idea what project life is, WHO ARE YOU? i'm just kidding. if you seriously don't... it is a product created by becky higgins to make documenting your life EASY. and i mean EASY.... and creative and fun!

there are also a million ideas on pinterest to get inspired to start. click here to check it out.

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