Tuesday, January 31, 2012

writer's block.

last week was a beating.

it was filled up.

and so was the weekend.

with good stuff. campaign stuff. family fun stuff. birthday stuff.

but it was filled to. the. brim.

and here i am, a week later, with what seems like a multitude of laundry and housework and i'm not making a small dent.

and i'm uninspired. to write. to create. to do.

sometimes i hate pinterest.

for all the wonderfulness it creates, it also creates {for me} a bombardment of great ideas that i want to do right now. all of them. right now. done. that's what i want it to be like.

but instead, i sit on my computer attempting to write a post. trying to get my pictures to wolf camera so i can at least post my project life.

and i'm uninspired. 

with all of that inspiration how in the world am i uninspired?????

does anyone feel the same way?

maybe it's january. a little bit of seasonal affective disorder?? maybe. perhaps.

maybe i need to go find some bright yellow flowers to strategically place in my house. the laundry room. the kitchen. my desk. 

i haven't 'created' since august. {unless you count my christmas ball wreath that i probably technically started last christmas...}


so i'm on a mission. to stop feeling 'sorry' for my lack of inspiration and just do something. anything.

not expensive, but something.

maybe i'll do this.

or get out my sewing machine and make a valentine outfit for lil miss.

or bake something.


do you ever feel this way? what do you do to get rid of writer's block? or even sewer's block. or crafter's block?

{and then i look at this craft weekend and think - i so wish i had been there!!!}

okay. so i'm going to go do something.

you should too.


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  1. oh becky. all the time... lately i have felt that way so much. like i am a prisoner of sorts. i am in a major, major, funk. i can't for the life of me think of what will get me recharged. we just went for a trip away, and i am still dragging. so much to do, so much i want to do, i feel frozen. vicious circle! call me, we can work on encouraging one another!! xoxo, s