Friday, January 13, 2012

a collection.

happy friday.

isn't it a GREAT friday?

tgif is what i like to say. woohoo to the weekend.

{by the way - what ever happened to the tgif? i loved watching tgif on friday nights. full house. boy meets world. family matters. step by step. LOVE. they don't make tv like that anymore do they?}


have i ever mentioned that i love a good coffee cup? like the big fat kind that holds a lot of creamer coffee and fits so well in your hand in the morning.

i do. so i ever-so-slightly have started a collection of sorts.

here's the first one that i received as a hostess gift. i have two of these and this bore my love for coffee cups. it changed the way i viewed my morning coffee. am i crazy or is anyone with me?

{this is also why i end up with coffee cups all over my car... i'd much rather drink from a cup than a travel mug. yuck.}

have a happy happy weekend!

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