Wednesday, January 11, 2012


ugh. ugh. ugh. 

i've been sick. the yucky cruddy sick. 

not the best way to start a year off if you ask me. 

funnily enough, i've heard of THREE people {whom i have not come into contact with over the past year} who have or had the same thing.

a cold. but not just any cold... the kind of cold that makes you LOSE. YOUR. VOICE. 

all of it. as in, i sound like a train wreck. and although i felt bad for sure... it's more energy-draining and feverish than it is runny nose/cough. PLUS it is totally annoying to try to reign in your chilins when you have no voice. 


anyway. so i had some big plans for this week. to finish up getting my house together/organized and sharing the method to my madness with you all. 

but that's not happening. 

today, anyway.

it's been taking me twice as long to get anything done around here. i feel winded after walking across the house. yuck. 
and i have this mess to clean up on my make-shift desk {a.k.a card table} that is propped up in our playroom. i really need a 'workspace'. something like this table at pottery barn but with a realistic price tag. any suggestions would be appreciated.

i've been attempting to get my inspiration back on the creative side. i've been doing a little sketching of sorts. a la alisa burke. have i mentioned i really want to take one of her online classes? i do. i do i do!

why do we cut off the crust of sandwiches for the littles? anyone else out there do the same thing? it's habit... but i don't even know when it started. 

working on combos for my dining room. i want a pretty table to be set. so even if we aren't using the dining room, at least it's pretty, right? especially since it's right when you walk in.

anyway. happy wednesday.

hope it's great. 

so glad the sun's out. maybe i'll get some fresh air today.


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  1. am i in your count of people that have started the year off feeling crappy and losing their voice??? if not, add me in! not the super start 2012 i had in mind... i'll tell ya' that much!! feel better soon! xoxo, s