Tuesday, January 17, 2012

thirty things update. part two.

a few weeks ago i updated you on my thirty things list.

you can check out part one here.

so - i thought i'd finish the update now that i am only three months away from the big three-oh.

16. travel internationally.

well. i made this list two years ago. and i had already gone to cabo, so i can't really count that. this doesn't look like it will be happening before my birthday. i was really thinking european vacay with the hubby... but nope. won't be going anytime soon. i'll have to move this to my next list. :)

17. start crafting.

done. check it out. here. here. and here

18. start a collection.

coffee cups. unintentionally, but coffee cups. lots and lots of cups.

19. turn photos into some sort of scrapbook.

ummm. yeah. i think i've got this covered with project life. i've never ptrinted more photos than i have in the last year!

20. go on a random getaway with the hubbs

technically, it was for valentine's day last year, but it was a surprise and it was a random weekend... so i count it.

check our trip to fredericksburg out here.

21. hand write notes/letters to friends & family.

major major fail. my intention on this was to not include thank you notes - but lately, i'm doing good to even get those out.

22. have a garage sale.

another major fail.

a garage sale sounds like a great idea, but is it really? part of me would just rather give stuff away.... any thoughts on this? have you had a garage sale?

23. make creme brulee.

wooohooo. victorious on this one. my brother game a kitchen torch for a christmas a few years ago so i really wanted to try this. it wasn't near as hard as i thought it would be, although i was super duper nervous when i actually used the torch. i think j took a video of me!

they were delicious. i used PW's recipe.

24. learn how to change my own tire.

haven't done this yet. haven't really had the opportunity but there's still three months, right? maybe the hubbs should teach me over the next few weekends?? 

25. make organization a habit.

ummm.... still working on this one. think i always will be working on this one. it just doesn't come natural to me, although i love things when they're organized. don't we all?

26. fold laundry straight from the dryer.

i'm getting so much better at this. i really am! it helps if i fold it right in the laundry room instead of piling it on my bed or the couch to fold.

it's the chore i loathe the most.

27. start a vegetable garden.

i did it!

last spring i planted bell peppers, cilantro, strawberries, jalapenos and habaneros. the peppers took over. the cilantro bloomed, which was weird, and the strawberries got a disease really early on.

either way, it was fun and with all of the salsa and veggies i eat in the summer the peppers did me well.

28. join a civic organization or a committee.

done. it's more of a club - don't know if that's what i was going for when i wrote this particular 'goal' but i think it fits the bill.

i joined Golden Corridor Republican Women's Club.

29. work on a political campaign.

umm, yeah. how bout living a political campaign?

i had no idea that this would be where we are. i think i was thinking more working on someone like tom leppert's campaign or ken paxton - or even a presidential candidate in a very small volunteer role.

either way. i was blown away when i looked over this list a few weeks ago and this was number 29.

pretty ironic.

30. document this list.

i originally wanted to have this neat little hand crafted book to look at. but that didn't hold up. but - i did just document the list, right? and i've blogged about it either here or on my old blog {which a lot of the older posts were taken from, btw}.

either way, it's been fun having a list. i highly recommend it.

what i find fascinating is how many things on my list have been crossed off without being intentional about... for example the political campaign. or the vegetable garden.

i think there's something to be said about really thinking about some goals and writing them down for safe keeping, huh?

as my twenties draw to a close, i want to be very intentional about what i put on my next list. 35 things before i'm 35. i have some things in mind. some big. some small. i'm excited for it to take shape!

what do you think should be on my list.

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