Wednesday, January 4, 2012

scooter time.

santa brought b. a radio flyer scooter for christmas. it's funny because when we first asked him what he wanted for christmas he said almost immediately, "a scooter!"

apparently they have them at school? and then his sweet friend got one for his birthday and b always played with it at his house. 

so we knew. 

he's precious on it. so serious. so 'fast'. so 'saved'. {a.k.a. 'safe' for those of you who don't speak little-speak.}

it was beautiful last week. beautiful. so during c's afternoon nap, i took b out front to ride his scooter up & down the sidewalk. 

he loved it. 

happy wednesday.

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  1. These pictures are precious! Did you finish your project life album? I would love to see more pictures of your album. My sister in law and I are going to tackle PL this year. I'm so excited about. Thanks for all of your informational and encouraging posts!! I love your style!! I'm going to be doing all my prints at Wolf as well. I like cheap prints and I actually like the pictures better when they are backed like yours!!