Monday, January 16, 2012


i haven't quite recovered from being sick.

i feel 99% but the laundry and housework is still overflowing from the lack of doing over the past week.

can i have a do-over on new year's?

i've already gotten behind on things i wanted to accomplish. it's already halfway through january and i still feel disorganized and as if i'm running ragged.

oh well.

today is monday, right? a good time for a fresh start, right?

one of my goals this week is to wake up when my alarm goes off. to not push the snooze button.

but it doesn't help when you stay up till midnight watching the globes and it's a nice & cozy gray outside does it?

major fail.

i was talking to a friend last week about having a project a day. as in, let's tackle ONE thing. {she's 5 months prego though, so she has an excuse.}

today i'm tackling paper.

do you ever feel like paper is taking over your life?

i do. the mail drives me nuts.

and since i do not have a 'workspace' yet {i could really use some help on this, people...} i need to have a system. a paper system. especially stuff with the campaign... stuff from school .... invites to respond to... etc. things get lost.

i don't have much counter space in the kitchen to put trays or files....

and my laundry room is covered with lint. despite my best efforts to wipe it down, etc.

and i think i'm a piler, not a filer. so a pile system would work better for me than an all-out file system.

i don't have a complete plan yet. 

do you? 

pinterest is the mecca for all things organization. 

but where do you start????

there are so many things i want to do to get organized but i can't seem to get my head on straight to get a plan together. here's to hoping today is a productive one!

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