Monday, February 13, 2012

campaign outings.

***disclaimer: as i wrote this post it turned into something a little more serious than i had intended for monday morning. read at your own risk!***

the campaign is heating up - although we really have no clue when the primary will be. 

originally - when we signed up for this - it was supposed to be march 3rd. and then it got pushed back to april 6th.  and now... well, now we're in no man's land. 

it could be april 17th {which is a big date already in our house}. it could be in may. or it could even be in late june. 

that's a lot of variance. right??? i keep telling the Lord that He can be done teaching me a lesson in blind faith. i get it. trust Him. every day... not seeing anything further down the road, but the day at hand. i get it, Lord. can we just move on? please???

i told the hubbs that it has to happen, right? i mean - we have to have an election before november, right??? the campaign part will be over at some point, right???

currently - i'm not getting a response. 


anyway. i don't write about it a lot - but we're having - dare i say it - fun while campaigning. not every day, of course, but a lot of days. we're meeting a lot of new people & getting support from places & people that we never dreamed over. we are beyond grateful. 

when we started this - we had no idea where the votes or the money would come from but felt that the Lord would provide exactly what we needed. not what we wanted necessarily - or what WE thought we needed - but what He knew we needed.

and the Lord is faithful. always always always. isn't He?

i'm constantly amazed. it's not easy... trusting Him. it's easy to say i trust Him. it's easy to talk about it - but with my whole heart? it's not that easy... it's even scary. somehow i forget all that He has done for me. for us. 

but He is always good. even when it doesn't feel good.

so.... we have a lot of meetings. 

and last week we had a special thing. we went to an event for rick santorum. {have you been to his website? i don't talk about the presidential election much because i'm not the most educated person on all of the issues - but i'd encourage you to go read his statements on the issues. they honestly blew me away. where has this guy been the whole time???} it was freezing. and the kids went with me. and we handed out push cards to people walking up. we had amazing people that met us there and helped us - in the freezing cold. and it was fun. 

did i mention it was freezing??

 but we had a great time. it was so.... well... energizing. i didn't even get to stay to hear rick speak. but i heard he was great. there were hundreds and hundreds of people there. excited about his message. the possibility of change. 

aren't you proud to live in America? regardless of whether or not you are a conservative or moderate or liberal - aren't you proud to live in a country with the right to vote??? where we get to choose our president? our Governor? our representatives??

i think a lot of us take that right for granted.... some don't even exercise that right. 

i encourage you to get involved this year. in some way. in some form. get involved. choose an issue. make a stance. determine to make an educated choice. 

there are so many people in the world who would love for that right. and so many Americans who have died protecting that right. and spend their lives serving YOU to protect YOUR right to vote. 

be thankful for that right today.

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