Monday, February 20, 2012

our ham.

our lil' miss.

she's such a ham.

she thinks she's funny. 

we think she's funny.

she's funny.

last night, i was on the phone with my mom {aka 'nana'} and i was asking her if she could say nana. she did. once. and then she said "buh buh" {translated 'bye bye' in grown up language} and she promptly walked out of the playroom.

two minutes later she comes back holding a little wooden 'matching' piece that mimi had made for b a while back - with nana's picture on it!! she handed it to me and said, "nana" and then laughed.

she never ceases to amaze me. her first word {a few weeks ago} was doggie. i didn't pick up on it until my sister came over and told me that's what she thought she was saying. and now i see that EVERY time she sees a dog it's the same thing... "dah dieeee". she calls me mama when she's whiney... other than that she points, calls me da-da and then laughs at herself. silly silly girl.

she's officially a walker. for months she had been walking - when we basically made her. and then all of a sudden last week {after we stopped asking her to} she started walking. and when she'd get somewhere she'd clap for herself. wowa. we might just have our hands full with this little girl.

today she was playing with b's scooter that we leave inside. she's not strong enough to really push it, but i told her 'no' anyways.

then - again - she leaves the room - and comes back with b's helmet and gives it to me - i'm assuming - to put on her head.

my muffin.

how could i tell her 'no'?

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