Thursday, February 9, 2012


as a momma, i hate judgement.

don't you?

i hate those looks from strangers when you're in the grocery store letting your kids snack and sip on caprisuns. that's right. it's caprisun. not organic.

or while your son is making a tower of your canned goods in the back of the cart. while your daughter screams {with delight} as he knocks it over.

oh judgement.

but don't you judge?

i for sure did prior to having kids.

'why can't you control your children?' i would surely think to myself while eating at the food court and watching children get in and out of their seats.

'what are you doing having your children at walmart way past their bedtime?'

'how on earth do you let your son dress like that?'

but now that i have kids, i'd like to say i don't judge as much.

i realize that while you can teach your kids all you can... they do have a mind of their own. and while they may make great choices one day - in the privacy of your home - they may make horrid choices the very next day. at the food court. or a restaurant. ugh.

i realize that sometimes there are times that you have to leave the house. whether it's for medicine, a late night treat after a potty success, or just for your own sanity. even if it is past their bedtime.

i realize that some children {not my son - for whatever reason} have a very very strong opinion on what they wear. and most of the time sometimes it's not worth a fight. and in all honesty - who is it hurting?? i mean, really.

i feel like judgement has been a common thing lately.

i've read about it here.

and here.

and it made me remember what it felt like to watch this episode of parenthood. one of the first ones when a dad asked adam why he couldn't control his son while they were in the groceyr store. and adam punched him out. i remember being in tears. not that i've ever said that before, but i've surely thought it before. even since i've had children. on those bad days where i'm irritable.

oh - did i mention that adam's son had just been diagnosed with asperger's? yeah.

the fact is that you never ever know what's going on. do you?

so don't be so quick to judge.

you don't know how late that family was up last night - and that just may have contributed to them being in their jammies at 10 am at the grocery store.

you don't know what that mom has been dealing with this morning, so if she wants to let her kids such on lollipop after lollipop while slowly drinking a cup of coffee at the playground - let her be. more power to her! right?


us mommas. we should stick together. we need all the help we can get!


  1. so true! i was just thinking the same thoughts this morning when i was talking to a friend about a wedding that both my littles are in. i can teach them daily how to act, but when it comes down to it, they control themselves. we can't control every attitude and every thing that they will say/do. thanks for posting this today! and yes, we do all need to stick together.