Wednesday, February 8, 2012

project life: week five.

keeping it super simple around here. i love seeing all the exciting and new project life tricks, tips, techniques, etc. on pinterest. sometimes it gets me discouraged. sometimes it motivates me. but at this point, i just want to have each week done. week by week. 

so, i'm just sticking with what i know right now.

i cut out some artwork b did at home. {on the very far right} to fill in the journal card slots. 

and i tore out my grocery list too. i like keeping little tidbits like that so in a few years i can reminisce over all the goldfish i use to buy.

i'm still figuring out settings on my camera since the big 'break' back in december. i don't feel like i've yet been able to get it back to where i had it. so here's to my yellow-ish pictures..........

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