Saturday, February 11, 2012


 we met the hubbs at the galleria for a lunch date yesterday.

unfortunately, the campaign puts him home after the littles go 'night night' mostly. so it was nice to meet up with him for some 'play time'. {and french fries, of course.}

lil' miss squealed when she saw daddy walk up. 
it made my heart happy. i'm sure it made daddy's heart happy too.

her hair is a mess. i do not know what to do with it. there's this chunk in the back that gets ratty FAST. as in, as soon as she gets up it looks like there's something sticky in it. 

i still think she's precious though. don't you?

the bug is our little 'jumper' right now. he jumps on and off everything. 
there's no doubt we'll end up with a broken bone this year. despite my best efforts.

happy weekend!!!

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  1. LOVE THEM. Seriously, if/when you need a break call us. :)