Friday, February 10, 2012

fresh air.

please tell me i am not the only one who experiences a little bit of SAD. 

{did you watch the office last night? i love when andy said, "it's like we aren't all experiencing the same winter!?"

SAD {seasonal affective disorder} is a REAL thing y'all. seriously. i studied it in school. so it's got to be real. 

the lack of daylight tears me to pieces some days. and the cold days that could be cozy are usually spent trying to figure out something physical for b to do to get all of his boyhood energy out. 

and the last few weeks have been tough over here. just long days and long nights with a whole bunch of stuff going on. 

so i headed to the lake for some fresh air. to get out of the 'city' and all.

ahhhhhh - the lake. 

the drive there can be a beating. it's not always. in fact, most of the time it's not. but in this case the bug couldn't wait to be there so it was a constant "are we there yet?" coming from the back seat.

but the hour and a half drive is worth it the moment you drive up. the moment you see the water, get out of the car and hear.... well.... nothing. 

it was beautiful. just warm enough to play outside with a jacket. 

my mom's favorite part of the day is sunset. {pictured below}.

it's beautiful for sure. 

and my very very favorite part of being at the lake is the morning. 

when the lake is smooth as glass and you can hear the woodpecker. when the wind is still and there isn't anyone or anything in sight.

and in the summer i rarely got up early enough to experience the morning to its fullness.

but since it happens later right now, i got to sit outside under a blanket with my warm coffee and bask in the glory of a new day.

and let me tell you - i needed a new day. don't we all sometimes? this campaign thing can run us all ragged. it's a dark, dark world in politics and although we know that we know that we know we made the right decision to respond affirmatively when the Lord was calling us, it does NOT make it any easier. 

to see my husband getting attacked. lies being spread about him and his character. people getting offended that my husband will not play two sides to get elected. that he cares more about standing up for his convictions - for what he believes is best - than just getting elected to an office. and sometimes it's a little too much for this weary wife's heart to take. 

we just continue to cling to psalm 37. and are so incredibly thankful for those who continue to pray for us day in and day out. we are forever grateful for every single utterance on our behalf.

a representative's sweet wife came up to me on saturday night and asked me how i was doing. she's a very strong believer and has been a huge encouragement to me throughout this process. her husband had obviously kept her up to date on what's been going on in our race and she looked at me and said, "becky. you have to remember that the Truth is the 
truth. and that's all that you have to answer for."

wow. so simple. so profound. 

the hubbs and i have a larger authority to answer to. on the other side of heaven. and we want to be proud when we answer. for all the words. the actions. the thoughts {wow, that's a scary one} during this campaign. we want to please Him

that's our goal. 

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