Wednesday, April 25, 2012

b's birthday.

although this post is extremely late, i do have an excuse.

well, kind of. 

b's birthday landed on the saturday before easter, and i was very specific that i did not want to share the two. i felt like his birthday needed to be HIS birthday, and more imporantly, Easter needed to be about Jesus. 

and it all worked out.

friday night, the hubbs picked b. up for a very special night out. they went to dick's sporting goods and picked out all things tee ball. a real tee, a real (metal - and kinda scary) bat. a box of tee balls. a batting helment? (really?) and cleats and bases and so on and so on.

he was in heaven. 

i don't know what was more special, all of that one on one time with daddy or the tee ball stuff? i think it was probably the daddy time.

friday night after he went to bed (which took him FOR.EVER.) the hubbs set up a 'field' in our back yard.

and b. could not wait to get dressed in his new pants, socks, cleats... and be a 'david murphy'. bless him.

we kept the birthday celebration really low key due to life circumstances AND the fact that next year is the big FIVE birthday, so i could save my energy for that. 

back yard bbq for our family & a few of b's best friends. really easy peasy.

sweet brady & sweet harper. i love her.

best buddies. "pieee---eerccee". somehow b. makes his pierce's name two syllables. i think it's his little texas accent kicking in. love. it.

add big-kid sydney to the mix. i think this was the first birthday party she's been at for b! one of b's bestest friends (and BOTH my kids think she HUNG THE MOON) but her birthday is only a few days before b's.... but we coordinated BEAUTIFULLY this year! :)

all the kiddos - without bryn. i may or may not have accidentally knocked her down and she never quite got over it. i swear it wasn't hard. just sayin'. 

this year - in the vein of keeping it low key - i made b's cake this year. it was quite delicious by all accounts, if i do say so myself.

sweet birthday boy. everyone says how sweet you are... but let's not forget the other stuff. you're kind and thoughtful. you are concerned for others. you're inquisitive and creative (from your daddy & your momma, respectively). you're (mostly) protective and very affectionate with your little sister. you're a very picky eater. you have a pretty strong will but you're a peacemaker. you're heart is precious and you ask about Jesus and heaven often. it very much blesses me. you love to sing praise & worship songs in the car. you sleep well. you make friends easily - everywhere we go.

i'm so thankful you're our son. you were made perfectly for us.

bubba & miss (soon to be aunt) mel. mel brought c. these cute beads so she wouldn't feel 'left out'. precious. she wears them EVERY day. (not kidding).

oh - the cake. yeah. i'll have to share this recipe some time. very easy. very yummy. crowd pleaser all the way around.

present time.

i love how all of a sudden we went from no one caring about presents to everyone huddled around 'helping' with the presents. they're truly big kids now.

a hug hit. darth 'mater'. 

again, with the cake. 

we are abundantly blessed.

 my mom said that on b's birthday she was looking up scriptures to pray for him by his birthday. in other words, she was looking up a lot of 4:7 references. she came across this one that i love so much.

"beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God." 1 John 4:7

that's my prayer for b. that he would love others, born from his love of our precious Lord. 

happy wednesday everyone.

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