Tuesday, April 10, 2012

thirty things.


it's official.

i only have one more week in my twenties.

it's weird. kinda sorta in a not-sure-how-i'm-feeling kinda way.

i don't think i have any problem whatsoever with being thirty. or being in my thirties. from almost all accounts your thirties are great... you're still young. you're more sure of yourself than you were in your twenties. you have a direction. all that good stuff.

but the turning thirty.... that may be a little more difficult to swallow for me for some reason.

if you know me personally, i would hope you'd say i'm pretty laid back. i don't really work myself up too much over anything, really. and i would hope you'd say that i'm not terribly dramatic about things. so i'm really not trying to work this up.... just keepin' it real, y'all.

so i'm trying to look forward. to my next list, of what i want to do in my thirties....

until then, here are thirty things i'm thankful for (in no particular order).

1. my best friends, old & new, who continually give me grace & encouragement. you know who you are and i love you more than words can say.
2. my two healthy (and beautiful) children.
3. a roof over my head that i call my home.
4. my parents who love me unconditionally.
5. spring weather & daylight savings time. love.
6. tweety bird & her friend nesting on my patio.
7. my new computer. beyond blessed but so in love with it.
8. our wonderful church.
9. pinterest. enough said.
10. my love affair with fabuloso cleaner. thank you ashley hall.
11. iced grande skinny caramel macchiato. done.
12. on that note, splenda.
13. my daily devotional.
14. a tire full of air.
15. my artsy (albeit sometimes flakey) side.
16. living less than a mile from my friends. the best thing about this move. the. best.
17. sitting on the backporch with the hubbs. my favorite thing to do. thankful for that precious time.
18. the internet. with all the bad, there really is a ton of good. thankful for all of the continuing education available online.
19. color. i know it's silly, but i. love. color. and i think it's amazing that our God created that. wow.
20. baseball. go rangers.
21. freedom.
22. our puppy dog.
23. the campaign.
24. my talented sister, and a successful surgery this week for her. so thankful for the healing process to begin.
25. green grass.
26. a covered patio. (see #17 and #6)
27. girl scout cookies.
28. project life.
29. my ah-mazing hottie of a husband who loves me with all of my horrible faults, accepts me as i am and makes me a better person. i love him love him love him. he is my favorite.
30. my twenties. for rounding me out & making me the person i am today. i've grown so much & yet so little.... and for that, i'll always love my twenties.

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