Thursday, April 12, 2012

project life catch up.

yes, i do still do project life. and i'm actually pretty current thanks to a long night with a sweet friend who was doing hers as well.

i was about a month behind (4 weeks) and it took me all of two hours to put everything together.

i have honestly been keeping it very basic.... even started paying "full price" to print my pics at 4 x 6 to skip the step of the cute paper behind it like i did last year.

i'm trying to think big picture here.

even if it's not as cute as it would be had i spent an hour on each layout with all the bells & whistles, that's not the point. the point is to have a book of memories for years & years to come... and i do. 

b. loves looking at the books from last year. the stay on our coffee table for that purpose.

my plan is to have j. write a little blurb about his donuts with dad day so i can attach it somehow. i think that it will be neat to have that written account of their morning together at school.

and yes, i still love this project even though i don't spend as much time on it as i did last year. it's more that i love the result of this project if that makes sense.

and if you lack inspiration just look here & here & here & here.

i'm determined to be more creative at my next catch up session!! just look at this girl.... it's like a regular scrapbook inside of project life. love it.

make it work for you! all sorts of ideas.

start at the beginning & get going!!!

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