Thursday, April 26, 2012

the e.r.

if you're friends with me on facebook, you probably saw that i rounded out my twenties with a trip to the emergency room for our little man.

i am so thankful that our friend (and j's campaign manager) caroline was with me at the house when the 'accident' happened. really, it could have happened anytime or anywhere. b slipped and fell and hit his head on the corner of the coffee table. honestly, it's probably not an uncommon occurence at our house. it's just that this time, the corner caught his ear and somehow split the lobe open. literally.

caroline was great holding the ice and the towell on his ear while i figured out what to do. i have a friend who's a pediatric nurse at children's so i called her first. normally it takes a LOT for me to go to the doctor, let alone the emergency room, but when caroline removed the towel, it looked like someone had taken scissors to his ear lobe, if you get my drift.

long story short, we ended up at children's plano. they were phenomenal. the doctor was great. the nurses were even better. and the child life specialist was awesome. b. was incredibly anxious and scared, although by that time i don't think he was in a tremendous amount of pain. he got to pick out a movie to watch while the doctor put the stitches in.

it ended up being FIVE stitches. and to think that caroline and i originally thought a bandaid would do the trick. ha.

and so today, i'm thankful for a healthy child. you could look at it now and you wouldn't even see a scar. medicine is amazing. i'm thankful that sweet caroline was with me, helping me get the kids in the car, making sure i had all the necessities - my cell phone my insurance, etc. i'm thankful for so many friends near us that it's easy to drop a kid off in an emergency. i knew lil' miss was in good hands with julie & her girls while i waited with b. (c. actually probably had an awesome time with those 'big' girls!)


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