Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the countdown continues.

1. the smell of spring rain. (i really think it's the smell of dirt, but nonetheless, i love it.)
2. anthropologie volcano capri blue candle.
3. ruffles.
4. my girlie girl carrying her baby everywhere.
5. photoshop + rad lab. awesome.
6. new girl.
7. worship music.
8. the weather channel.
9. pink peonies.
10. project life.
11. the new PW cookbook. love it all.
12. phillip phillips. american idol. done.
13. fresh produce.
14. conversations about heaven with my little man.
15. sweet text messages.
16. Jesus Calling.
17. generous people.
18. my accountability group.
19. wal.mart.
20. city craft.
21. grapefruit.
22. sleep.
23. new friends.
24. watercolors.
25. green monster smoothies.
26. the lake.
27. comfort food. (*confession* i'm a stress eater)
28. leaving my windows open all day long.
29. nail polish.
30. cucumber water.

***ps - i saw this idea on some person's blog a while ago, but i can't quite remember where it was. just wanted you to know it was not my idea***

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