Monday, June 25, 2012

backyard fun.

loading these pictures this morning made my heart happy.

just pure & simple joy. so innocent and free from any real worry of the world.

sure, their little 'sinful natures' are coming out in full force... but really, they know no true discontentment. they may have selfish hearts and may be a little strong willed, but they bounce back pretty quick. most of the time. i wish i could say that for myself.

sometimes i let my heart linger where it shouldn't. linger on things i don't have, or people i don't have, or places i don't have. and it proves fruitless. always. what's the point??

but our precious little ones, their hearts don't linger. yet. but they will one day. and i hope that i can teach mine how to look to the Lord to bless us... not for the world to bless us.

i pray for my kids. that they won't struggle with discontentment. or bitterness. or worry. truthfully, i don't want them to struggle with anything, but i know that's not reality. i see that b. is a people pleaser. i pray for him to be gentle & kind, but not to a fault. i see that lil' miss is a bit more independent. stubborn. but sweet when she wants to get her way. {is every girl like that?} i pray that she sees how to lean on the Lord for guidance.

but, for now, they will have fun. they will enjoy the world as they know it, and for that i'm grateful. i'm grateful for neighbors and friends who can enjoy some last minute bbq. i am thankful for a safe environment for my kids to live in and grow up. i am thankful for the freedom of religion, that we are not persecuted for living out our faith. but mostly, i'm thankful that the Lord has knocked me down build me up once again. for Him. not for me.

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