Thursday, June 21, 2012

on terri.

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i have a friend.

i've talked about her before.

she's very special to me. her's is a friendship that has been long and short all at the same time. long because she dated my little brother when we were in high school. long because she thought i hated her. long because she is two years younger than i and when i graduated i pretty much never saw her again. 

like ever.

but like i said, it's short too. short because when she found out she was going to have to have a c-section with her first cutie pie she emailed me. short because she had a boy too. short because we ended up having so much in common, after all of these years. short because some weeks i talk to her every day... and sometimes we go a month without actually talking. {and i miss her when that happens.}

because she lives away. she and her husband have made a poor life choice for the family & have decided to stay outside of texas. why would she do that? why oh why oh why oh why?  {she knows i'm just giving her a hard time, but in case YOU don't know that... i'm just giving her a hard time! promise!}

so... she had some complications last summer... which broke. my. heart. but it's all in God's plan. all of it. and she ended up getting pregnant with her second child, and i couldn't have been more thrilled. i even got to hang out with her and go shopping for a bit back in february. a rare treat for me!


she's one of those people. you know the ones.

the ones that don't find out what they're having. ***gasp!*** with all of the technology out there... why on EARTH would you know use it to find out??? "but we want to be surprised!!!" give it up, girlfriend. you can be surprised the day you find out! 

anyway, moving on. so, she had a precious baby on may 1st. i was so excited for her, glued to my phone that morning waiting to find out what she had. 

and she had a precious baby girl. {i KNEW it!} it kills me that i haven't been able to cuddle her yet, but i know i'll get my hands on her soon. some day real soon, right t.?

so... i had wanted badly to make her something. but - remember i had to wait until the baby was here. and then may was kinda insane.

so it was late. like a month or two late. 

but it all worked out.

and i think it all turned out precious! and it was made with love, for her sweet gradie. {and yes, i notice the year on it.... i have already changed it and will be sending her a new one, shortly!}

she needed some pink in that 'gender neutral' baby room of hers....! my sewing isn't the best... but i'm getting better... am thinking about attempting some SHORTS! woot woot!


love you, sweet gradie girl! cannot wait to meet you soon!

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  1. Such a sweet post!! What a small world - Blake and I were friends with the Flannagans when we lived in ATL! Such a fun, sweet couple - with ADORABLE kiddos!