Wednesday, June 6, 2012


one of the things i have MOST looked forward to since our move is the summertime.


because we are just down the street from our very favorite summertime activity. the pool.

and this morning we showed up, and so many of our friends were there too!

how much fun did you have going to the pool when you were younger? a girlfriend and i were talking about that the other day. the high dive. teather ball. eating at the screened in grill... we had grilled cheeses, ruffles & a slurpee. loved it.

{on that same note, when you went on long car rides when you were younger, did your parents ever make a pallet in the back of the car? as in - take the back seat out and lay blankets out so you could just hang out back there on a road trip???? nope? just us? okay.... just wanted to throw that out there...}

the boys loved to splash. the girls were going under water... and showing us how 'big' they were.

these water 'guns' were definitely the hot ticket with the kiddos today. might have to go get one of them....

i can't believe she's going to be SEVEN. they had her right after j. and i got married and i was deathly afraid of babies. as in, i thought if i was around one i would get pregnant. for reals. 

but jen told me i still brought them a meal when they had her. hmmm..... i must have been nicer than i remember.... 

and here's my little dare devil. i thought for sure she'd be in the middle of the pool, rockin' the slide by the second minute we were there. but we're probably on our fourth or fifth trip of the summer & she still dips her toes in the edge little by little and has NOT gone past her ankles. 

so much for having a 'brave' child. 

i love this picture of harper. she was so proud of her 'underwater skills'! her face is priceless.

what's your favorite summer activity with your kiddos? we have made summer lists in the past, but this year i've yet to get to the store for poster board. maybe i'll do that this afternoon.... hmm. looking for new ideas, though! that's one reason i love pinterest! there's always something new on that thing!!

y'all have a great day!

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  1. You take the best "spashing pictures"!! What setting do you have your camera on?