Tuesday, June 5, 2012

tee ball.

somewhere over the past month, my baby boy has become old enough to dress in a baseball uniform and play in a real game.

so precious.

on the way to the first game, he said "mommy... do you think i can be just like david murphy??"

'yes, baby.'

the first game was chaotic. no one really knew what they were doing. we had batters running after their own ball. we had people going from 3rd to 1st. we even had kiddos from our team hanging out in the other team's dugout. 

but four games in, we already have radical improvement. i like to think it's because we have an awesome coach. {see photo below}. 

trying to explain to a four year old that yes, you're supposed to hustle to the ball, but if you aren't the first to get there, please {oh please} do not fight over it... is tough. i had never thought about it before, but baseball is a bit complex - especially for a little boy's mind. 

some games they're ready to go to the playground after the first hit. some games they focus really well. and yet others, they all look like they've never been out there before. nonetheless, they're learning.

and i'm learning how not to be competitive. it's tee ball, for gosh sakes.  sometimes i have to take a deep breath when b. is paying more attention to waving to the stands than keeping his eye on the ball. he's FOUR! :)

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