Thursday, June 7, 2012

pinterest coma.

have you ever experienced this?

a pinterest coma? or perhaps a blog coma? or facebook?

in an effort to get back into the habit of creating... in an effort to get inspired to create & beautify and organize, if you will... i've been spending a fair amount of time perusing my beloved pinterest at night. {that's what happens when your hubby goes to his fair share of meetings, etc.... you spend have an hour or so between bedtime & your husband being home. and instead of being productive, i've been on my handy dandy iPhone {i'm in love, are you?} cruising pinterest & my google reader.}

 how precious is this? via dafoodil design

and now i'm stuck. i mean, i guess you can say that it worked, because man, i'm inspired. but there's a fine line between being inspired to get up and do and being inspired to sit and want. to covet. to make an idol of someone else's life. of their house. their creativity. their success.

and man, i've found myself there a time or two. {or three or four....}

don't get me wrong... i think they're all good things. blogs. pinterest. facebook. my new discovery of instagram. they're all good. but are they the best thing for me

how beautiful is this house??? via

i don't know. i'm not saying it's not. i'm saying i haven't found the answer. i know that my time spent on the computer {or my phone, i should say} should be limited. it shouldn't outweigh the time i spend with the Lord, but so so often it does. so often, i should add, it actually takes precedence.

when i first wake up in the morning and is still lie sleepily in my warm and cozy bed {that's not always pinterest-worthy-beautiful} instead of praying over my day and praising the Lord for another day to spend with my healthy children... or asking Him to direct my day... i slowly wake up by checking facebook... or my email... or whatever you feel the immediate need to check.

again. please hear me. i LOVE it all. all the social networking stuff. there is good in all of it. but the fact of the matter is that we live in a fallen world. so everything that we {humans} touch is going to be fallen. in some way or another.

 i know it's weird, but i dream of having three chickens. via life in grace.

so for me, i'm trying to find balance. to turn it off before i cross that line from being inspired or encouraged to coveting and feeling sorry for myself. i find blogging to be an outlet... again, a good outlet. one that i don't utilize near as much as i did before the campaign started. one that causes me to reach deep within myself and be honest and not put on a happy face to all of the blogosphere out there. to share my hopes, dreams, prayers & faith. hopefully to encourage ONE person who reads, not the thousands that we sometimes think we need to feel 'successful'. but the balance is key. 

maybe i'll turn it off. maybe i won't, but i pray that i can take the good & leave the bad. i pray that the Lord will use my blog & my time for His glory - not mine.

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  1. Great post, Becky! I totally agree. I have to stay away from Pinterest. I definitely use it when I need ideas, but I can't sit and look at it for hours because I start to want things and think my life is not great. The Lord has blessed us with so much and I don't want to ever take that for granted.