Monday, June 18, 2012

happy monday {the giveaway version.}

i love creating something out of nothing. it's how my brain works. it's how i relax. it's how everything seems right in the world to me. for some people it's organizing or cleaning. for some it's cooking. {and i do love cooking...} but for me it's creating. whatever that might be look like the day.


all that said.... after the last few weeks, i do have a surplus, if you will, of projects. so i thought i might give away one of my most fun and favorite completed projects from the last month.

if you know me at all, you know that i'm a huge fan of meg. i've long since followed her blog religiously and i think we would be best friends if we met in real life. i love her heart for Jesus and her love of all things creative and how she tries to instill that in her five precious children.

so... naturally, i love her craft weekends. i'm on the list, but i'm realistic about the fact that 5,000 other people are on the list too... and if i get picked, it will probably come at the most inconvenient time for me to getaway for a weekend.... but i would most certainly move heaven & hell before i missed it!

but one of my most favorite things they make at craft weekend are their aprons! love! they're so happy and fun.... what couldn't be fun with a fun apron?

so........... i made one! 

and i thought that maybe perhaps one of you all would like it? maybe even to give it as a gift? i think it's pretty happy and might make one of YOU happy to have it?! i sure hope so!!

just leave a comment below with your FAVORITE thing about summer and i'll put you in the virtual drawing! yay! have a very very happy monday!


  1. My favorite thing about summer is sunshine. I don't realize that I miss it all winter and then the first wonderful week of summer hits and I realize how much I love sunshine!

  2. My favorite thing about summer is not having ANY plans and getting to spend the days with my 2 sweet girls. No school, no plans, just swimming, playing, and fun times! :)

  3. oooooohhhh. i love it! how very generous of you! and craft weekend. i wish, wish, wish. i keep telling myself in two years if she still has them i will put my name in the hopper. would be a dream to go!

    sooo... favorite thing about summer? its totally acceptable to wear flip flops everyday. the winter, yah, not so much, although i do it anyway! AND i love the fact that berries are in season and can be purchased at a much better price! YUM!

    xoxo, s

  4. what a fun apron! it would definitely make cooking more fun. my favorite thing about summer is being able to stay up later at night with the kids since we don't have "school" and do fun and random activities at night....either a longer bike ride, playing at a park, getting snow cones or just all jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler as a family!

  5. What a fun little apron. This summer has been different for me since I have a little one around. My favorite this summer has been crossing things off of our summer list and being intentional with my time with him!! The pool is definitely our favorite place to be in the summer!!

  6. What a beautiful apron. As a teacher I look forward to spending quality time with my littles and taking time to attend classes to help further my education for my students.
    We have been praying for both of you over these last few months and will continue.

  7. Super cute apron! Love it! Hands down my favorite thing about summer is splashin' around in the water with my little one!

  8. i love your apron - it is super cute - and you are so talented!
    my favorite part of summer school!! i love a 'no schedule' day with my little ones, at the pool of course. :)

  9. This is precious! I'm super impressed!! My favorite thing about summer is Ranger's games and Firework Fridays! :)

  10. Becky. You are SO incredibly talented!!! Love this apron. My favorite thing about summer, as a Texan now living in WI, is the warm SUNSHINE...and all things outside!!!