Friday, June 15, 2012


i'm so glad it's friday.

i've been dragging this week, to be quite honest. there's lots to be done on the campaign, but i'm overloaded on housework, laundry & the day to day chores of life. i know i've talked before about how neatness & organization don't come naturally to me, but this is Pathetic {yes, with a capital P}. i have let almost everything outside of the campaign and other necessities go since the beginning of may. having clean laundry was a victory in our house for a month, and we have been living out of a laundry basket ever since then. last thursday i decided that everything must be cleaned... and i sort of bit of more than i could chew... taking everything out of cabinets and then not having energy to put stuff back in! {please tell me someone else has done that before??}

anyway. so... this week, has still be trying to make somewhat of a dent in my housework. and i still can't see much progress, but i know that it's there. it's got to be. we've also had vbs this week. it's been awesome for b. but it kind of puts a bit of craziness into our days. i'm so thankful for all of the workers and the volunteers for all of the heart, soul, energy & time they've put into this week. it's been a blessing to our family. i can't wait to volunteer next year. 

onto 'instafriday!' i'm so glad i finally joined instagram! what fun it is!

little miss made the most hilarious faces when hearing the thunder!

poolside picnic with friends.

cleaning everything i can get my hands on.

a little lake trip for me & the littles.

team pics. when did my baby get so big??

thursday i kidnapped the hubbs from work and took him to the baseball game. i had another special surprise in store. a friend of ours plays for the team and when i mentioned to him that we were coming he asked if the hubbs might want to get on the field for batting practice. uh, yeah! he was in heaven... i think he kept thinking, "just let me hit one ball, coach!" haha. it was so fun seeing all of the players just having a great time together.

and while we were at the game, b. was having fun at his friend's house! playing 'bad guys'! love his facial expression in this one.

and there ya have it, folks. our first instafriday!

happy weekend!

life rearranged

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  1. Your little girl's reaction to the thunder is hilarious! Great pics!