Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{not many} words.

not many words today, as i'm feeling a bit {or a lot} under the weather. but i had to share pictures of my precious ones from a little trip this weekend.

love this pic below. his facial expression waiting for the water to come on is priceless.

my dad has a little vegetable garden on to the side of the house. b. helped him pick tomatoes, cucumbers & bell peppers. yum.

i think that georgia loves the lake more than we do. she was awesome for me this time. she sat out on the deck the whole time. every time i'd holler her name she was by my side in two seconds. 

my dad found our old legos from when we were growing up. the real kind... not the big ones that b. has at our house.

they built a boat house & a boat.  he was occupied all morning with these little legos. i guess i need to get some of our own. maybe that would be a good summer activity?

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