Friday, June 22, 2012

instafriday + a WINNER!

this week flew by, even though i felt at a slower pace, we just kept going. i haven't been feeling well for the past few weeks. a cold will come, i'll feel better and then a new cold will come. it's SUMMER time! 

i've been convicted lately about our 'diets' in our home. in fact, i've been convicted about using that word, "diet". we need to cut it out at our house and just plain eat healthy! i've been praying about what this looks like, which i'll talk more about next week after i get more of my plan together, but one of the first things i hate is WHITE FLOUR. this has been engrained in me ever since i read the south beach book years ago after i had b. so i made my own whole grain tortillas. SO easy. why haven't i done it before? and they are so so yummy! we ate these twice this week!

i love me a green monster smoothie. i had been making one with peanut butter, almond milk, some greek yogurt and banana {in addition to the spinach, of course} but it was really heavy. even though it tasted great, i could never drink more than a fourth of it. but i found a new one that i can't stop drinking. it's frozen pineapple, frozen banana, spinach, ice and water. light & refreshing!

uncle bubba & lil' miss have somewhat of a tumultous relationship. well... i guess you could say that about lil' miss & pretty much any male figure other than her daddy. she just does not like them. but sunday night we took a big step and bubba held her for a bit without her melting. {i don't think she realized it was him holding her!}

the hubbs was in a 'circus' production one year at school and i believe was the lion tamer. his mamaw made him this awesome costume. complete with a plunging neckline. love. and now that b. loves to pretend he's in the circus, he wears the costume at mimi's house. he's so cute. {and serious.}

and there you have it. instafriday, once again! have a great weekend!

life rearranged

*** the winner of the apron giveaway is Karen!!! Karen, email me your mailing address and I will get your apron in the mail!! Congratulations!! I too love the sunshine - but especially the dayLIGHT!!!***


  1. I love homemade tortillas. I've tried whole wheat but my family doesn't like them. :( Oh well, that smoothie looks good!

  2. I'm definitely going to try the pineapple and banana green monster smoothie. Sounds yummy!