Friday, June 29, 2012


a precious visual reminder that sits on my kitchen counter. it was from vacation bible school and water in africa was there "missions offering". this was such a great visual for the kids. a small bottle of water that was dirty. although i've read about the clean water project before and know that it's a very real problem, this hit home with me. all of the clean water we take for granted. to drink. to wash our hands. to bathe. to wash our clothes. to cook with. i love that b. "gets it" now.

 a picnic in the car at sonic. kiddos loved it.

game time with the bug. he loves candy land. and no, i am not the kind of parent that 'lets him win'. i'm too competetive. does that make me a bad mom? 

 a sweet treat that came just as we were sitting down for dinner. of course. 

 blackened mahi mahi. it was yumm. still not my favorite. but i guess really nothing compares to pizza. but when you're trying to eat healthy... and "whole", this will do. it was really easy, actually. i've never cooked fish before. ever. and it was a good first attempt, for sure. 

a reminder for things that are eternal. 

in an effort to eat more "whole," i've been doing a lot of baking and cooking. i did way better last week than this week. 

a homemade gift, for my precious friend, becky. she's having her second boy, but who doesn't need some new burp cloths and a new blanket? 

excited for this weekend. doing a little fourth of july celebrating. in june.

life rearranged


  1. Hi Becky - just stopping by from Life Rearranged :) I love that passage too, and I need the reminder often! And the blanket and burp cloths for your friend are too cute! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Are you new to all fish? One of our favorites is salmon, BBQ'd on foil tray, sliced lemon all over while it cooks. BBQ until it flakes. Very good.

    Happy early 4th, it's Canada Day for us on Sunday.

    Stopped by from life rearranged