Monday, June 11, 2012

in honor of the hubbs turning THIRTY yesterday, i decided i'd list {only} thirty things about him that i adore. {if you are one that does not like sappy soppy love posts - just move on to the next blog in your google reader, because this one will be a doozie for ya!}

soooo.... in no particular order {with the exception of the first one, of course....} here we go.

1. he's a hunk. {i mean, look at him? and no, i'm not that superficial, but still - this girl's got a looker!}
2. his heart is one of kindness & generosity.
3. he's a wonderful dad.
4. he's a servant.
5. he's hilarious.
6. he is prayerful in all he does.
7. he is wise.
8. he's not the same man he was five years ago. or even last year. he continues to grow in his faith, his work & his passions.
9. he's my best friend. that should say it all.
10. he is a wonderful dad and loves his children.
11. he loves texas. more than anyone else i know. he loves his city, state & country.
12. he is a leader. a genuine, natural-born leader.
13. he loves Jesus.
14. he has an amazing voice. {yes, i said voice! he sings for me!}
15. he loves me better than i could have ever dreamed of anyone loving me.
16. he is passionate.
17. see number 1.
18. he's a good dresser {although he pretty much stays in his 'box'!}
19. he makes me smile.
20. he's thoughtful.
21. he's horrible with directions. {but i'm GREAT!}
22. he's a wonderful partner.
23. he is a provider.
24. he has a great smile.
25. he gives great hugs. {i still remember the first one i got when we were 15!}
26. he's a good friend.
27. see number 1.
28. he is forgiving... and is not afraid to ask for forgiveness.
29. he's not perfect, but knows that our Lord is.
30. he's perfectly & wonderfully unique and made just for me. {see number 1.}

happy monday, y'all!

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