Thursday, December 29, 2011

the big day.

i am a CLASSIC non-sleeper on christmas eve. probably the only christmas eve that i slept well was when i was prego with the bug. this year was no different. we got done putting everything together around 10:30, vaccuumed and packed then it was off to bed for the hubbs & i. but starting at 1:13 i saw every hour on the hour. and i mean every hour.

2:13. 3:13. 4:13. 5:13. 6:13. 

6:30 our alarm went off and i popped out of bed. the hubbs, on the otherhand, not so much. he would have snoozed all day if it weren't for our little 3 year old yelling "i'm going tee tee!" 

luckily we saved him from seeing the loot from santa before we were in there to properly document. whew.

the bug had a radio flyer christmas. 

the lil' miss got a sweet little red-headed freckly-faced cabbage patch named brianna. i bought two others before the hubbs and i found this one last week. i still need to return the last one. 

she's in a cute little shopping cart that had a pink cozy coupe attached. i knew it had to be c's as soon as i saw it! 

after the hubbs took his sweet time getting coffee / breakfast / showering {who showers on christmas morning before presents?!} etc. we finally went in to tell b that it was time. 

after the santa fun and a few trips down the street we headed over to my in-laws' house for more presents, tamales, treats and family fun.

{i feel like we're missing someone in this picture. are we??? hmm......... *mel?*}

it was our first christmas without pops. he was there in spirit, for sure, and we love having the hope of seeing him again in heaven. my father-in-law read this really sweet poem that a friend sent him about it being pops's first christmas with jesus. it was such a great reminder.  

love this family.

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  1. Such sweet photos from Christmas! I wish I could have been in two places at once that day!