Tuesday, December 13, 2011

friday fun.

friday we went over to a friend's house for some gingerbread house making!

we did it last year and it was messy but super fun. and last year we had BABIES. and they just slept in the other room. it was greatness.


this year - not so much.

but the 'big kids' were a little more focused and attentive on their gingerbread houses.

ashley had hot glued our gingerbread houses together before we got there {we learned last year!} and then it was "hop to it" after our paparazzi moment. ugh.


it's NOT fun trying to get all of these kids together. on the couch. big kids and small kids. girls and boys. :) hehe.

we love it. 

i was super proud of b's gingerbread house. it new EXACTLY what to do. he covered every inch. i LOVED it!!! i couldn't have been more proud, as a momma who loves that kinda stuff herself. 

 {b & anna, i see you eating your candy!!!}

after all that sugar, we fed the kids lunch. and had a little picnic in front of the elf on the shelf movie! yay for christmas movies!

{and just for fun - here's a pic of last year}

and the non-gingerbread party of 2009

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