Thursday, December 8, 2011


today i am getting my haircut. i am terribly excited. it's much overdo.

today i am going to put up some snow village houses. not the entire thing. just a few here & there.

today i am thankful for the precious miracle in lauren scruggs. i'm thankful for her parents proudly talking about the healing power of Jesus on national television. today i am thankful to serve a God that is bigger than tragedy and uses ALL things for HIS glory.

today i am listening to christmas music. preparation for our christmasy weekend to come.

today i am GOING to get some christmas shopping done. without the littles. i have to. i must.

today i am hoping to make stockings. i've wanted to for years and never have. we shall see if this dream becomes a reality.

today i am ordering my christmas cards. not as early as i would have liked, but hey - we're doing them, right? we discussed nixing them. but in the end, simple and cheap will do it. right?

today i am catching up with my google reader. second cup of coffee and popcorn tin right next to me. love this time.
i love today.

happy thursday. i hope it's productive.

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