Sunday, December 18, 2011


happy sunday.

did you have a good weekend?

we did. it was full, and i'm exhausted, but it was good.

thank you for all your encouragement about the bug. :) he's been doing much better the past two days. i was on my knees every morning before the Lord. saturday we had a great day and i made sure to tell him many times how proud i was of the choices he was making.

those days make my heart happy.

i did, in fact, finish my christmas shopping on thursday. yay!

not without a trip to northpark in the CRAZINESS of christmas shoppers. ugh. ugh. ugh.

but these cute little shoes i found in my console kept me happy. lil' miss can't even wear them any more her feet are so pudgy. love.

{p.s. do you drink coffee in the car? do you have a travel mug? i LOVE coffee cups. and i always end up with 5 in my car before i frantically throw them all in the sink before the hubbs drives my car somewhere! ;) am i alone??}

PLUS - everything is - get this - WRAPPED. already! can you believe it?!

daddy even has a present from eddie. :) to open on christmas eve, of course.

i bet you can't guess what it is!

and there's still a WHOLE week to enjoy before Christmas!

i plan to do a ton of baking. and relaxing in jammies. and polar express watching. and christmas crafts. and on and on.

oh - and eddie has big plans this week.

do you have an elf at your house? he's a HUGE hit this year with the bug. every morning he MUST look for eddie. and after he finds him he runs into the kitchen and says "mommy come see what eddie's doing. but DON'T touch him!"

this afternoon i spent some time with this sweet family.

riley's in the bug's class at school. so sweet. he LOVES her. like, really loves her.

so i was super excited to take some surprise pictures for their parents' christmas present. 

hope they turn out great.

happy christmas week!!!!

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