Wednesday, December 28, 2011

christmas eve.

whew. i don't think i could even attempt to have enough coffee this morning.

i love christmas. and love all that it entails.

but when it's over, i am...... grateful. SO grateful. 

grateful for the slowness of the week between christmas and new year's. grateful for a vaccuum that finally will get all of the glitter, fake snow and needles off the floor. grateful for a fresh start.

this year is different than most. our christmas season was busy. probably not unlike most of your christmas seasons. christmas parties, family gatherings, traditions, friends, baking, eating, movie watching, story telling.... etc. etc. etc.

but while my christmas season is ending... now it's only giving way to an even busier january. and february. and now march.

but that's what we have chosen. and we're happy that we followed the path the the Lord so clearly set in front of us. well, happy may not be the right word some days. content is probably the best word. that peace that passes all understanding that the bible talks about? yeah. that's what it is.

either way.... i still can't undecorate, unglitter, unglam fast enough. and now my body aches. my feet are tired and my mind is swirling with the potential organization on the horizon. the returns to be made and the gift certificates to be used... how can i use them wisely? that's always the million dollar question for me.

so.... without further procastination on my part, here are pics from our sweet christmas eve. complete with waiting for santa, finding a present a bit early at mimi's house and candlelight.


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