Wednesday, December 21, 2011


do you LOVE pinterest like i do?

do you find that not only does it suck hours out of your day {as in, where did that entire naptime go?} but it also leaves you overwhelmed with inspiration? where do i even start?

i cannot tell you how many trips i make to hobby lobby that i leave empty handed. not being able to decide on which project to do first. which one will be the cheapest. most doable in the alloted time. most useful. most loved.

many of you know that i'm obsessed with a certain blogger out there. love her.

and last year around christmas - before pinterest was even created - she made an ornament wreath. beautiflul, right?

well - this year they are ALL over pinterest.

and i made one.

and get this - for FREE!!!!

i had a wreath form that i had bought this summer for some other project - i can't even remember which one. i had muslin from making c's bedding. and i had ornaments from previous christmas trees - and i just didn't use as many on my tree this year.

so i went to town with my gluegun.

i was NOT methodical like some of those tutorials tell you to be.

i just started gluing. sections at a time.

 and there you have it.

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