Tuesday, December 27, 2011

some favorites.

what are you doing this tuesday night?

i took down our christmas tree. well.... not really.

i undecorated it like i normally do as SOON as possible after christmas is over. THEN i thought i was doing a nice thing by taking the lights off. {the hubbs normally swears up & down after he takes the lights off each year that we will NOT have a live tree next year...}

well, it was not. apparently i should have taken the tree outside first. duh. apparently needles aren't the best thing for the vaccuum cleaner. double duh.

either way, the christmas tree is gone. the needles are gone. and i'm not even attempting to load my 200 pics from this weekend on the computer.

instead i will share a few of my favorite things that santa & friends brought.

the bug got a radio flyer scooter & bicycle. classic. red. fun.

have you heard of design sponge

it's an awesome blog with tons of DIY stuff. my sister got me this awesome ORANGE coffee table book. it's like a hall of fame for their DIY. and flower arrangements. love.

oh - and santa brought me some sparkly toms. 

it's lovely to get a surprise that sparkles, isn't it?

one of my very favorites for this little plain jane blog.

a makeover from the fabulous fabulous k herself. 

i can't wait. 

what are your favorites??? are you undecorating yet? 

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  1. I love that I made the list...YAY! I got the DS book, too. It's my new favorite. Can't wait to work with you! xoxo